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Silent Attack Immenent Destruction

Dominari, Perditus, Aggredi
Dominate, destroy, Advance

Clan Bylaws and Mission Statement

S.A.I.D. (SAID) is a clan of members that want to work together as a team to become stronger as an individual as well as a team of tankers. It is our goal to, eventually, participate in clan wars. With this in mind, our members are strongly encouraged to join together in Platoons and Stronghold (Skirmishes) battles as often as possible to strengthen our teamwork. The following is an outline of our basic principles and expectations of our members.


1) Clan officers are expected to act in an appropriate manner befitting their rank and position within the clan.
2) Clan officers shall not berate, demean or in any other way disrespect any member of the clan regardless of rank, status or tenure.
3) Clan officers shall always keep an “open door policy” to any member of the clan that requests them. Members should feel comfortable approaching any officer and know that their concerns, issues or ideas are important.
4) Any clan officer that has been approached with an issue from any member, depending on the severity, will request a meeting with at least two other officers to discuss and vote on a resolution to the incident. Should the situation merit, the approached officer may act immediately and as soon as possible hold a meeting with the other admin to forward the information regarding the incident.
5) Remember, we are the face of our clan. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard.


1) Junior officers are expected to hold themselves to the same high standard as our admin/officers.
2) Junior officers shall act as the liason to the admin and officers when they are not present.
3) Any Junior Officer that is witness to any member of S.A.I.D. that acts out of accordance with our clans bylaws, shall report immediately to any admin/officer that is available, or send a message to an officer/admin via the clan forums.
4) Junior Officers are expected to take a leadership role in platoons or tank companies if no Combat Officer or admin are available.


1) Combat Officers are our elected battle commanders.
2) Combat Officers are expected to lead our teams in tank companies and skirmishes (stronghold).
3) As with any officer, Combat Officers are expected to hold themselves to a higher standard. You are a representing force for our clan.
4) Combat Officers are, as with all our officers, teachers. Do not just lead our members into battle, but guide them to winning as a TEAM.


1) Recruits are the newest members to our “family”, and we welcome you!!
2) Recruits are admitted into the clan with a probationary period. At the end of this period, your full indoctrination into S.A.I.D. will be voted on by your peers. Make us proud!
3) Recruits are not just “grunts”. We recognize all individuals as contributing members. Your ideas are important. Share may win us the day!!
4) All recruits, as with any full member of this clan, shall always hold themselves to a higher standard. Derogatory statements and actions not befitting will NOT be tolerated!!

These are the basics. These bylaws/guidelines can and will change as our family gets bigger. Please keep a check as they may change at any time. Remember, we are all a part of a team. We will strive to work as one unit at all times. Helping each member as is possible, and becoming stronger and undefeatable as a whole!!

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